IN NOVEMBER, 2007, 74 Governments, leading Non-Governmental Organizations, and the World Diamond Council agreed on measures to further strengthen the Kimberley Process.


Kimberley Process Participants joined together on November 5-8, 2007, in Brussels, Belgium at their annual Plenary meeting. Some of the successes acknowledged at the Plenary included:

  1. The Republic of Congo met Kimberley Process criteria and was re-admitted to the system
  2. Liberia joined the Kimberley Process
  3. Turkey was welcomed as a new participant of the Kimberley Process
  4. The efforts of the European Union as 2007 Kimberley Process Chair were recognised in bringing greater transparency to the Kimberley Process through the publication of diamond production and trade statistics

The Plenary also successfully came to agreement on several important measures designed to strengthen the Kimberley Process which included:

  1. The endorsement of guidance on strengthening internal controls of Participants with rough diamond trading and manufacturing (known as the Brussels Declaration)
  2. The announcement of the Brussels Initiative which will enhance the control and monitoring of rough diamonds from the Ivory Coast
  3. The first round of peer review visits of Kimberley Process Participants was completed
  4. The first publication of diamond production statistics
  5. The Working Group of Artisanal Alluvial Producers (WGAAP) presented a matrix of challenges facing artisanal/alluvial producing countries to be used as a tool to help improve their internal controls
  6. The number of Kimberley Process Participants grew to 74, with the inclusion of Turkey, Liberia and the Republic of Congo

Moving forward in 2008, India will take over the Chairmanship of the Kimberley Process and Namibia will serve as Vice-Chair. "We need to ensure that the Kimberley Process is both as effective and as credible as possible in order to protect the legitimate trade in diamonds."
- Eli Izhakoff, Chairman, World Diamond Council



2007 Kimberley Process Communique