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Diamonds and their revenues play a key role in helping to develop Africa. They have made—and continue to make—significant contributions towards development and prosperity in a number of countries in Africa and elsewhere in the world. As a natural resource, rough diamonds represent one of the main sources of revenue for many African diamond-producing countries and create livelihoods for millions of people. The revenues generated not only increase the overall standard of living, but also fund essential government services such as health, education and development programs.


Diamond revenues help build a vibrant economy
An estimated 65% of the world's diamonds, worth approximately $8.4 billion a year, are sourced in African countries, contributing significantly to the growth of African economies. (read more)


Educational opportunities have increased
Millions of Africans are receiving educations and job training with the help of diamond revenues. (read more)


Diamonds are a vital source for building a healthcare infrastructure
Revenues from diamonds help fund the construction of hospitals, medical centers and hospices, ensuring that millions of people have access to appropriate healthcare. (read more)

Diamonds and their benefit to africa

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Economic Impact

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Educational Improvements

Healthcare Development