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Opinion Pieces
November 2009
dDiscourse Newsletter: News and Views on Artisanal Diamond Mining and Development
November 2009 / The Diamond Development Initiative
December 2006
The stuff of Legends: Diamonds and Development in Southern Africa
December 2006 / The Diamond Development Initiative
March 2006
Diamond industry annual review, Sierra Leone 2006
March 2006 / Partnership Africa Canada
A study of diamond marketing and pricing in Sierra Leone
March 2006 / The Diamond Development Initiative
October 2005
Conference report
October 2005 / The Diamond Development Initiative
June 2005
Integrated diamond management & policy program
June 2005 / USAID
May 2005
The failure of good intentions, fraud, theft and murder in the Brazilian diamond industry
May 2005 / Partnership Africa Canada

Case Studies and Testimonials
Dr. G. K. T. Chiepe
Leah Gwangwa
Anastacia Kgosi-Mookodi
Sheila Khama
Sir Ketumile Masire
Frans Ndoroma
Dr. Lesedinyana Odiseng
Thomas Tlou

Media Contacts

US media contact
Email: usmedia@diamondfacts.org
International media contact
Email: intlmedia@diamondfacts.org