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Consumer demand for diamonds is higher than ever, but with recent mentions of conflict diamonds in popular culture — books, music, documentaries, and movies — the subject is receiving important attention and your customers may be asking questions about the facts behind conflict diamonds.

Can you answer these questions?
Do you know where the diamonds you sell come from?
How can I be sure the diamonds you sell aren’t conflict diamonds?
What is your company’s written policy on conflict diamonds?
Adoption and compliance with The System of Warranties is your guarantee to your customer that the diamonds you sell are from sources not involved in conflict. The System of Warranties requires a written guarantee to the purchaser on the invoices of every sale of a diamond—whether of rough, polished or diamond jewelry—that the diamonds have been obtained from legitimate sources. It is your responsibility to ensure you obtain these assurances – click here to see a sample letter to suppliers you could use if you don’t yet have these assurance statements on all invoices. If customers ask any of the above questions, and you are in compliance with the System of Warranties, we suggest you make copies of your policy (click here for sample statement), to give to them.
What You Need To Do
In order to properly address the questions above, read the following simple steps and download the Conflict Diamonds Confidence Pack provided by the World Diamond Council (WDC):

Understand the Issue:
Do you know the definition of a conflict diamond?
Do you know what percent of the world's supply of diamonds are conflict diamonds?
Do you know how diamonds are contributing to global development?
Do you know the difference between the Kimberley Process and the System of Warranties?
Do you know the answers? To learn the complete answers to these questions, download the Manager's Action Guide from the Confidence Pack and visit the Conflict Diamonds and Making a Difference sections of this website. This information will provide answers to these questions - and more.

Ensure Compliance with the System of Warranties:
Can you say with confidence that your diamonds are from sources free of conflict?
Do all of your supplier invoices include a compliance statement?
Do you have an audit system in place to keep track of invoices?
Do you know the simple steps to take to become compliant?
If you answer "no" to any of these questions, you may not be compliant with the System of Warranties.

It only take a few simple steps to ensure that you are compliant. The immediate first step is to ensure your suppliers are purchasing diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. To do so, click here for a sample Letter to Suppliers.

The next important step is communicating your store’s compliance with your customers. To do so, click here for a sample company policy. A written policy allows you to provide the necessary reassurance to your customers that none of your jewelry contains conflict diamonds. This policy can only be used once you have ensured your suppliers have provided the System of Warranty statement on all invoices.

These steps are explained in greater detail in the Letter to Suppliers, Mini Guide, and Managers’ Action Guide, all of which can be found in the Confidence Pack.

As a member of the industry, you play an important role in helping to eradicate conflict diamonds. Your participation in this industry-wide initiative will help reassure your customers and make them feel confident about buying diamonds from you.

Train Your Staff:
How can I be sure the diamonds you sell aren't conflict diamonds?
What is your company’s written policy on conflict diamonds?
Do you know where the diamonds you sell come from?
Are you in compliance with the Patriot Act?
Your staff may be asked questions like these. Be prepared.

Educate yourself and your employees about the Kimberley Process, the System of Warranties, and the positive contributions that diamonds make to the countries and communities where they are sourced. Prepare and practice simple, straightforward responses for your customers that will reassure them of their purchase. Provide your employees with copies of your company’s policy to distribute to customers.

To do all this, download the Mini Guide, Sales Training Manual, Pocket Confidence Card, Managers' Action Guide, and Back Office Poster - all available in the Confidence Pack.

Educate Your Customers:

You know how much it takes to build customer trust...and how little it takes to lose it. The way you respond to the issue of conflict diamonds may determine whether customers buy from you or not.

If you are compliant, assure your customers that you require written warranties from all your diamond suppliers stating that the diamonds invoiced have been purchased from legitimate sources, and were not involved in funding conflict. Provide them with a copy of your company policy on conflict diamonds, and let them know that the industry is 100% committed to the total eradication of conflict diamonds.

When customers ask for more information, direct them to diamondfacts.org and provide them with educational material they can take home, including the Consumer Brochure.

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Some facts about conflict diamonds

Conflict diamonds are diamonds that are illegally obtained by rebel groups and then sold to fund conflict in war-torn regions, particularly in western Africa.

In 2002, an inter-governmental agreement called the Kimberley Process Certification System was established to eradicate the trade in conflict diamonds.

Since the Kimberley Process was established, conflict diamonds have been reduced from approximately 4% to considerably less than 1%. To learn more about the Kimberley Process, visit the Conflict Diamonds section.

Diamonds make a difference
It is important to understand how the vast majority of diamonds are helping transform lives around the globe, especially in Africa. Revenues from diamonds help provide jobs, education and healthcare, especially in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Visit the Making a Difference section of this website to learn more.
Continue Your Education
Download the Confidence Pack materials and visit this website regularly to learn more about how the industry is working to eradicate conflict diamonds and contributing to global prosperity.
"We must all work to improve the supply chain. The only effective way to address consumer confidence issues, such as conflict diamonds, is as an industry. It is imperative that all of us act together; no single company or group is big enough to do it themselves. As part of such an industry wide initiative it is also very important that each individual company fulfills its responsibilities by, for example, complying with the Kimberley Process. The Confidence Pack is one more way that we as jewelers can work together to ensure consumer confidence in our industry."
- Terry Burman, Signet Group plc CEO and Sterling Jewelers Inc. Executive Chairman
"The conflict diamond issue is not going away. It is imperative that jewelers realize the effect that current media coverage of the issue could have on their businesses. I would encourage every jeweler to take the time to educate themselves and their staff with the facts. The Confidence Pack is just the tool to help do this."
- Mark Moeller, President, R.F. Moeller Jeweler, Minneapolis, MN
"As jewelers, it is important to reinforce our customers' confidence in diamonds. We can do this by showing them what our industry is doing to help rid the world of conflict diamonds. The WDC's Confidence Pack provides the educational materials needed to show customers how the jewelry industry is addressing this important issue."
- Craig Underwood, President, Underwood Jewelers, Fayetteville, AR
"The Confidence Pack is the perfect tool to educate my entire staff."
- Cathy Calhoun, Owner, Calhoun Jewelers, Royersford, PA
"We suggest that each of our retail customers take full advantage of the information found at www.diamondfacts.org and the Confidence Pack provided by the WDC. The materials are very powerful. Use them to strengthen your position as a diamond expert in your local community during the upcoming holiday selling season."
- Dr. Chuck Lein, President, Stuller, Inc., Lafayette, LA
"It is important that our front-line retailers effectively communicate the remarkable work that has been done by our industry to eradicate conflict diamonds. We can no longer rest on our laurels. The Confidence Pack is a valuable resource that will help retailers provide answers and information to their customers."
- Ruth Batson, Executive Director & CEO, American Gem Society, Las Vegas, NV


Every member of the trade who is commited to a conflict free diamond marketplace is required to know the facts and be in compliance with the Kimberley Process and System of Warranties.


Download and print these materials for your store for free, or order them online.

All information contained within these materials is correct as of October 2006.
Conflict Diamonds Confidence Pack
Everything you need for you and your customers to be confident in your diamond supply.
Download PDF
Cover letter
Provides an overview of the Confidence Pack.
Download PDF
Managers' Action Guide (for managers)
Shows how to use the Confidence Packs to ensure you are compliant; includes a sample letter for diamond suppliers.
Download PDF
Mini Guide (for all employees)
Explanation of the Kimberley Process, System of Warranties, and other worldwide initiatives for diamond-producing nations.
Download PDF
Employee Training Manual (for managers)
Provides information on how to train your employees about the issue.
Download PDF
Back Office Poster (for all employees)
A tool to help your sales associates answer questions about conflict diamonds.
Download PDF
Pocket Confidence Card (for all employees)
References key points on how the industry is tackling the problem of conflict diamonds.
Download PDF
Consumer Brochure (for customers)
Helps answer questions about conflict diamonds and highlights the important economic role that diamonds play.
Download PDF
Diamonds and Their Benefits to Africa Training Video (for all employees)
Helps provide helpful insight on the positive impact diamonds are making on many African countries.
Download Video (23MB)